Is Paul Dead?/The Greatest Year in Jazz

von Notable | Vom 2021-01-04

Elizabeth and Stuart return with two more tales from the hinterlands of musical history. Stuart makes the case for 1959 as the highpoint in jazz thanks to a slew of innovative albums from some of the genre's greatest exponents, while Elizabeth wonders how a rumour that Paul McCartney died in the early years of The Beatles ever gained traction. The episode also features the one and only recording of our plucky pair playing music together, appropriately enough introducing the exciting* new 'Notable Exception' feature.(*mildly diverting) See for privacy and opt-out information.

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Stuart Maconie and Elizabeth Alker meet up to tell each other extra-ordinary tales from 400 years of musical history.From a murderous 16th Century madrigal composer to Batley Variety Club - Yorkshire's very own Caesar's Palace... and from the espionage-tinted roots of the theremin to the wild weekend that was the Bickershaw pop festival... Notable has the lot. Produced by Geoff Bird, artwork by Rory Clifford. See for privacy and opt-out information.