134: Why we need to take sleep more seriously with Dr Oliver Bernath

On today's podcast, I am interviewing a doctor who studied with the first sleep scientists in the world. Dr. Oliver Bernath began his career studying medicine at the University of Ulm and UCL. After completing his medical doctor thesis, he trained as a neurologist at the University of Chicago and completed fellowships at the University of California, San Francisco, in clinical neurophysiology. He trained in sleep medicine with the pioneers in the field in Chicago and then at the world's first sleep disorders clinic at Stanford University. Dr. Bernath holds U.S. board certifications in neurology, neurophysiology and sleep medicine. He led the Northern Californian Sleep Disorders Center in San Francisco and now sees patients at the NHS Sleep Clinic at Guy's Hospital in London. He also works alongside The Lanserhof advising patients on their sleep health. Dr. Oliver is truly brilliant. We were put in touch and ended up having the best conversation. I was able to fire all my burning questions I had about sleep, the science of sleep, and breaking down the facts and fiction around sleep. Find more information on Dr Oliver Bernath: Link to Lanserhof Arts Club: https://lhtac.com/lanserhof-at-the-arts-club/team/dr-oliver-bernath/---Produced by Georgie RutherfordEdited by George Drake Jr Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.

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