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von Nihongo SWiTCH | Vom 2021-09-14

🌸 The full TRANSCRIPT is available  @https://nihongoswitch.com/podcast-transcripts/ep81-kuchi🌸Topics.[#081]00:00  Introduction and the perfect season for studying.01:50  Kuchi ga karui.03:02  Kuchi ga suberu.04:04  Kuchi ga omoi.05:10  Kuchi ga katai.06:02  Kuchi ga warui.06:48  Kuchi wo dasu.08:10  Kuchi ni au.10:11  Kuchi wa wazawai no moto.11:27  Summary.🌸 YouTube with Japanese subtitles @https://youtu.be/ii-fglulmtQ🌸 Support Iku @https://www.buymeacoffee.com/IkuYamamoto🌸Production Note*Music from Epidemic SoundSupport the show (https://www.patreon.com/IkuYamamoto)

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Do you want to immerse yourself in the Japanese language? If so, Nihongo SWiTCH is for you! Every Tuesday, the Japanese language tutor Iku Yamamoto talks entirely in her native language about everyday topics related to the language and culture. This podcast is created for intermediate and advanced learners to add more “Nihongo time” into their daily lives. Nihongo SWiTCH will improve your:- listening comprehension- vocabulary - grammar usage- intonation and pronunciation. You can watch all episodes with Japanese subtitles on YouTube. In addition to it, transcripts and vocab-lists are available at nihongoswitch.com . Are you ready to flip your Nihongo SWiTCH? Hit <> now! *Music from Emidemic Sound