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Steff Gar - Ciudad Juárez

von My City My Scene | Vom 2021-04-09

Today we travel down to Juárez, Mexico to speak with electronic music connoisseur, Steff Garcia. Here, Steff tells us all about her love of electronic music from all over Mexico and beyond. She also discusses the importance of discovering a music scene in a city synonymous with danger.  We talked with Steff about the importance of music during times of uncertainty and the solace she found at raves and underground dance clubs. The artists we shared with you today were Murcof and Jiony from Mexico and Massive Attack from Bristol, England. 

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Each week, host Andy Thomas, interviews a person from a different part of the world. In addition to learning about the guests area, he also asks them to share; their favorite song/artist of all time from their area, their favorite current song from their area and their favorite song/artist not from their area/country. Season one of "My City My Scene" features interviews from Scotland, Mexico, Egypt, Germany, Canada, England, Senegal, Japan, and Syria.