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Armin Evildiver - Spangenberg

von My City My Scene | Vom 2021-04-22

Welcome to this week’s episode of My City, My Scene. Today we travel to the tiny town of Spangenberg, Germany to speak with punk rocker, and one of the kindest people I’ve ever met, Armin Evildiver. Armin’s hometown, which he’ll tell you more about later, is a tiny, quaint and somewhat hidden town in the middle of Germany. When I tell other Germans about my travels there, few of them have actually ever heard of it. The people there though, are welcoming and hospitable. While I would eventually visit Armin here, the first time I met him was in the middle of The Bermuda Triangle aboard Flogging Molly’s Salty Dog Cruise, in 2016.    We talk to Armin about folk punk, German hardcore and what he really thinks of Miami Beach.    This episode features Die Schnitter and Rykers from Germany and Strung Out from the United States.     

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Each week, host Andy Thomas, interviews a person from a different part of the world. In addition to learning about the guests area, he also asks them to share; their favorite song/artist of all time from their area, their favorite current song from their area and their favorite song/artist not from their area/country. Season one of "My City My Scene" features interviews from Scotland, Mexico, Egypt, Germany, Canada, England, Senegal, Japan, and Syria.