Developing your Plan with Chloe Moore [Step 4 of Financial Planning]

Let’s continue our conversation on financial planning. This week I am joined by my good friend, Chloe Moore, certified financial planner and founder of Financial Staples, and we will be talking about how to actually develop your financial plan.Chloe is here today to help you gain clarity around your values and purpose because if you don’t even know that then you probably wouldn't also know which goals to prioritize first when it comes to your financial plan. Remember it is important to understand your “why” before you can know your “how”.Make sure to tune in now and learn even more about the developing stage of your financial planning process! Highlights>> Chloe's background >> Chloe explains equity compensation >> How Chloe helps her clients develop their plan >> Common things Chloe has to deal with clients >> How Chloe tells her that their plan isn't going to work >> How Chloe helps her clients prioritize their goals  >> How Chloe deals with clients who object to her recommendations >> Chloe's final advice for you Connect with Chloe >> Website (>> Facebook (>>Twitter ( >> Instagram ( >> LinkedIn ( you loved this episode, you have to listen to these episodes as well: >> Creating a Proper Work-Life Balance with Maricela Miles-Mattingly (>> Building A Successful Business with Sheneya Wilson ( >> Mind Money Balance: Overcoming Your Financial Anxiety with Lindsay Bryan-Podvin ( I’m sure you’re getting tons of value from the podcast! Don’t forget to subscribe on Apple Podcasts ( , Spotify ( , Google Podcasts (, or on your favorite podcast app and SHARE THIS 👉 ( with a friend. **********Let's Continue the Conversation! Head on over to the Facebook Group and let’s discuss how we can change the complexion of wealth ( Want to chat with a fee-only financial planner? Shoot me an email at [email protected] Can't wait to meet you.

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