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Work Life Balance Is A Lie With Keith Grossman, President of TIME

von Mind Your Business Podcast | Vom 2022-01-05

Today's guest is Keith Grossman - innovator, disruptor and the President of TIME. To date, Keith has done nothing short of incredible things in his career. Today he shares some of his story, how to create the success you want in your life, using failure to your advantage and dispelling the work life balance myth.

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Hi, I’m Emily Lyons and I think all inspiring people are inspired people. Being a businesswoman, CEO, serial entrepreneur, survivor, and general life enthusiast - I’m endlessly jazzed by the business of life, especially the stories of extraordinary people I’ve had the privilege to meet. I don’t think it’s fair to keep that privilege to myself and I think you deserve to be utterly lifted and shifted by these people too. What sort of people? People from a variety of businesses, top entrepreneurs, actors, pro athletes, influencers, models, and the boy next door - but most importantly, all raw and fallible human beings who have persevered beyond extremes to become the successes they are today. www.msemilylyons.com