032: NEW AUDIOBOOK: "From Author To Authority: Master LinkedIn, Gain Visibility, and Attract Premium Clients"

From Author to Authority is a groundbreaking book that empowers financial authors to leverage the full potential of LinkedIn to amplify their visibility, establish themselves as industry thought leaders, and attract high-value clients. Authored by Paul G. McManus, a renowned LinkedIn marketing expert with a proven track record of helping financial professionals generate millions of dollars in fees and commissions, this book provides a comprehensive roadmap for financial authors to harness the immense power of LinkedIn.Praise For From Author To Authority“As an experienced financial advisor that has grown multiple 7-figure businesses through digital marketing, I thought I had a good grasp on the power of LinkedIn. However, "From Author to Authority" opened my eyes to an entirely new level of possibilities! Paul McManus' deep understanding of both the financial industry and the intricacies of LinkedIn's platform shines through every page. It is for this reason that I am sharing my enthusiastic endorsement of this book. I believe it is an absolute game-changer for financial professionals looking to leverage their status as an author and be seen as a true authority!”Anton J. Anderson, CEO, Elite Resource Team***“There was a time when the only people generating revenue from LinkedIn were the people selling us their system on how to make money with LinkedIn. Boy has that changed. In his book, From Author to Authority, McManus gives us one example after another of how financial advisors are seeing a clear ROI from their use of LinkedIn. His example in Chapter 8, Strengthening Your Impact, is a perfect example. I have learned from and benefited from Paul’s coaching on LinkedIn. Now you can too!” Bill Cates, CSP, CPAE, Author of Beyond Referrals & Radical Relevance and Founder of The Cates Academy for Relationship Marketing***"As a Certified Financial Planner, best-selling author, and business coach who has navigated the journey from author to authority, I wholeheartedly recommend Paul McManus' 'From Author to Authority.' This book is pivotal for financial professionals aiming to attract premium clients on LinkedIn. It isn't merely a tool, but also a step-by-step guide to revolutionizing your career, expanding your reach, and enhancing your influence.”Robyn Crane, CFP®, Best-selling Author and Business Coach for Financial Professionals***“In ‘From Author to Authority,’ Paul G McManus offers a compelling roadmap for financial authors to amplify their influence and attract premium clients. As a fellow professional in the field, I can attest to the relevance and effectiveness of his strategies. McManus's adept handling of the subject matter and his clear, concise writing style make this book a standout resource for financial authors.”Tony Maree Torrey, Author of Your Million Dollar Accelerator: Six Proven Strategies to Grow a 7-Figure Financial Practice.***"Paul does it again with his book ‘From Author to Authority.’ He delivers an inspiring, practical, and fast-based manual, this time to help financial professionals amplify their brand and expertise. I was drawn to the specific strategies Paul shares about creating client avatars and using LinkedIn groups to garner wider impressions. Paul is your go-to resource to elevate your brand, and this book provides a concise look at how to proceed.” Liz Briggson, Co-Owner of Encoursa: Education and Partnerships for Accounting CPESupport the show

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