017: A Powerful Way to Build Relationships with CPAs - Liz Briggson

Liz Briggson is the Director of Education and partnerships at Encoursa. Encoursa is an industry-leading online learning platform designed for CPAs and the companies who serve them. They specialize in demand generation webinars designed to enhance your content marketing strategy and are a NASBA-approved sponsor of continuing professional education (CPE) credit for CPAs.Episode Sponsor:More Clients More Fun is a lead generation and content marketing agency, focused on helping financial advisors, life insurance producers, and elite CPAs land high-value clients using LinkedIn. What you’ll learn from this episode:How Liz transitioned from working in corporate finance to starting her own businessHow a financial advisor can successfully build relationships with CPAs that are based on trustWhy creating a program that allows CPAs to earn continuing education credit is an important element to consider How to monetize in a way that's natural and leads to both the short term and longer-term outcomes that you seekHow it’s important to think more about defining a niche based on something you're passionate about instead of geographyHow Liz partnered with The Due Diligence Project to create a very successful virtual summit with a 60-70% show-up rateResources Discussed:The Due Diligence Projecthttps://encoursa.com/present-with-usConnect with Liz Briggson:Website: https://encoursa.com/LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/lizbriggsoncpa/Email: [email protected] your free audiobook copy at: www.theshortbookformula.comSupport the show

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