Marigold Breach E2 - Compatibility

As Lucan recovers from his injuries, he and Ven learn about the conflict between the scrubjacks and homesteaders. Epic: Marigold Breach is a Realm production. Listen away. For more shows like this, visit, and sign up for our newsletter while you're there! Follow us! On Instagram @RealmMedia_ On Twitter @RealmMedia Check out our merch at: Find and support our sponsors at: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

Om Podcasten

EPIC is your new HQ for Realm’s exhilarating action and adventure stories, with new episodes dropping every Monday introduced by host Faith McQuinn. Embark on your greatest adventures yet, whether it’s crash landing on a desolate planet with only a cerebrally-embedded AI to guide you, or realizing that your latest game design is the only thing staving off total global annihilation. So unsheath those earbuds, clench that steering wheel, and buckle up because EPIC is about to take off. This month, we are featuring Born to the Blade: a story where two young bladecrafters, eager to serve their respective countries, vie for power and survival in a treacherous floating world on the brink of war.  Oda no Michiko and Kris Denn have youth, talent, and ambition, but as for glory? Not quite yet. However, when a rebellion leader known as the Golden Lord is beheaded, these warriors-in-training will do everything possible to ensure that riots don’t lead to more bloodshed. To save the nations of the sky, they will partake in dangerous political schemes, cling to fragile alliances, and own their destiny.  Born to the Blade is a Realm production, created by Michael R. Underwood and written by Michael R. Underwood, Marie Brennan, Cassandra Khaw, and Malka Older. Listen away. For more shows like this, visit