LIVE at IMTS: How Will the Latest Technology Advancements Change Your Manufacturing Business?

What would the shop of the future look like? What’s more exciting—hardware or software? What can manufacturing leaders learn from B2C businesses? In this special LIVE episode at IMTS 2022, we chat with special guests Mike Payne with Hill Manufacturing  and Eike Huebner with Ellison Technologies about what they would do with their shops if they had 10 million dollars to spend. Listen to this episode to find out what the machine shop of the future looks like. You need to use technology to make chips efficiently because if you’re not making chips, you’re not making money! BAM! Segments [1:49] The US is on the cutting edge of manufacturing [2:30] Learn more about each of our guests [3:50] What would the shop of the future look like? [6:24] The future is focused on software development [9:12] Mike’s background in software and data collection [11:35] How Mike and Eike would build the shop of the future [15:16] How Mike doubled the size of his machine shop [16:48] What manufacturing leaders can learn from B2C  [19:05] The impact of technology on additive manufacturing  [22:06] Why style of CNC machine tools should you invest in?  [25:40] What is a human-machine interface? [27:30] Mike and Eike’s call to action to the manufacturing nation Resources mentioned on this episode Mike Payne with Hill Manufacturing  Eike Huebner with Ellison Technologies ProShop ERP Amper Technologies Connect With MakingChips On Facebook On LinkedIn On Instagram On Twitter On YouTube

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