The London Walks Podcast No.28: London Museums PART THREE

This is Part Three of our London Walks Podcast on London Museums and we're on the way to the Sir John Soane Museum when… disaster strikes! The Soane does not permit recording or electronic devices of any kind on its premises without prior permission!   Our story, gentle listener, has both a moral AND a message: the moral is… always call ahead when planning to record your podcast in a museum! The message is: you're never very far away from a great museum here in London.   Our visit to Twinings Tea Museum in The Strand had not featured on our podcasting agenda but the welcome was warm and refreshing indeed!   Huge thanks to Yana at Twinings for sharing her expertise. This episode also feature award-winning London Walks guide Karen discussing the business of guiding tours in the British Museum.  Read our blog The Daily Constitutional where we're blogging about London's best museums. What's your favourite London Museum? Get in touch with us via Twitter – @londonwalks – or visit our Facebook page    

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The companion podcast to the award-winning London Walks repertoire of walking tours is compiled and produced by London Walks guides Andrew Hallett and Adam Scott-Goulding, and takes us even further off the beaten track of Europe\'s greatest city.