Life Begins at Motherhood with Jenee Herring

Self Care Simplified

von Life Begins at Motherhood with Jenee Herring | Vom 2019-12-30

In this episode we are talking all things self care! Self care doesn’t mean me first. It means me too. Discover what brings you joy and feeds your soul. Then make it a priority! Self care is more complex than bubble baths and sweet treats! The mentality of “take a quick second and treat yourself is very toxic”. Listen in to find out how to break this cycle.

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The glory of Motherhood comes camouflaged in so much chaos. But when we will allow motherhood to define us it’s only then we can truly see the uniqueness, traits, talents and God given abilities that reflect our Heavenly Father. The goal of this podcast is to get back to believing that motherhood is a sacred place. If we let him God can do some of his best work in us during this season called #momlife. Our identity is not lost because we are raising others but rather FOUND. So let’s talk faith, motherhood, health, self care and more as I share my motherhood experiences and truths.