Life Begins at Motherhood with Jenee Herring

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von Life Begins at Motherhood with Jenee Herring | Vom 2019-11-18

In this first episode find out what inspired me to start a podcast; for moms who want to be conscious and who are ready to tap into their God given instincts. In this episode you’ll learn: •••Who I am and where I am from ••• Why I feel Life Begins at Motherhood ••• My social media background and how it has all lead to this •••How it’s grown into a true God given mission and how I have accidentally became an Advocate for moms who are no longer confident in Mothering by the way of instincts over advice

Om Podcasten

The glory of Motherhood comes camouflaged in so much chaos. But when we will allow motherhood to define us it’s only then we can truly see the uniqueness, traits, talents and God given abilities that reflect our Heavenly Father. The goal of this podcast is to get back to believing that motherhood is a sacred place. If we let him God can do some of his best work in us during this season called #momlife. Our identity is not lost because we are raising others but rather FOUND. So let’s talk faith, motherhood, health, self care and more as I share my motherhood experiences and truths.