#51: Laser Acupuncture

I had the pleasure of speaking with Lorne Brown who is a Doctor of Chinese Medicine at the Acubalance Wellness Centre in Vancouver Canada. We talked about Laser Acupuncture which is used for fertility clients and also those who are trying to conceive naturally. Older patients, PCOS, Endometriosis and Sperm Motility are just some of the treatments options available at the centre. Laser Acupuncture is officially called low level laser therapy (LLLT). The scientific community now refers to it as photobiomodulation because both lasers and LED lights are used.  Technically, Laser Acupuncture is the process of emitting photons of light, usually red or infrared, into acupuncture points. The free fertility diet book, can be found below - https://acubalance.ca/resources/free-fertility-diet If you would like to get in contact with Lorne, his contact information is below - https://lornebrown.com https://acubalance.ca

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