Kylie Minogue: The Diminutive Collection Podcast

Season 2 - Episode 27: Christy G‘s shock claim: ‘X is better than Aphrodite!‘

von Kylie Minogue: The Diminutive Collection Podcast | Vom 2021-11-25

A very drowsy sounding Kieran and Christian chat about Did It Again and Moulin Rouge and Christian leaves Kieran speechless when he says what he thinks about X! This week the dynamic duo hook up with New Zealand-based Fanogue Jason. If you want to join Kieran and Christian on the show, please drop the team a line at [email protected] or @thediminutivecollection on Insta. 

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Every week Mega Kylie fans, Kieran and ChristyG, revisit the pop boomerang’s classic albums and relive some of her finer moments.  And in order to compile the most definitive Kylie collection yet, the team will choose two of the best songs from each of her studio albums that make them feel KYLIE SMILEY and bin the dodgy ditties that are KYLIE MIN-NO-NOs. Get in touch [email protected] @the_diminutive_collection