Season 2 - Episode 20 - A Second To Midnight - The Verdict is in!

This week, after spending a couple of days living and breathing A Second To Midnight, Kieran And Christian finally settle down to reveal what they think about the first track to be released from DISCO: Guest List Edition, as well as getting giddy over Kylie's homage to her 90s style! Is the brand new tune a Smiley Kylie or a Kylie Min-no-no??? Tune in to find out...... Also, the dandy fellas take another trip Down Under to throw themselves into a rather intimate but (not so) live Minogue a Trois with the very perky Rob! If you want to get in touch with the boys to take part on the podcast or just to drop them a line, get in touch at [email protected] or simply drop 'em a DM @thediminutivecollection on Instagram.

Om Podcasten

Every week Mega Kylie fans, Kieran and ChristyG, revisit the pop boomerang’s classic albums and relive some of her finer moments.  And in order to compile the most definitive Kylie collection yet, the team will choose two of the best songs from each of her studio albums that make them feel KYLIE SMILEY and bin the dodgy ditties that are KYLIE MIN-NO-NOs. Get in touch [email protected] @the_diminutive_collection