Kill Switch

02: Taking the Shutdown to Trial

von Kill Switch | Vom 2020-08-03

In the second episode of Kill Switch, we take a look at what happens when you decide to take your government, president, or even your telecom service provider, to court in a desperate effort to get an internet shutdown stopped. We hear about a daring court case in which a Sudanese lawyer fought to get his personal mobile internet connection reinstated after the bloody massacre that took place in Khartoum in 2019. We also hear how the president of Indonesia lost a legal battle against digital rights activists, as well as how the government of Cameroon tried to intimidate a judge who was trying to get a regional internet shutdown lifted. This episode features interviews with Shahad Azim, Natalia Krapiva from Access Now ( and Damar Juniarto from SAFENet ( Hosted by Felicia Anthonia. Produced by Access Now, the #KeepItOn coalition, and Volume. Funding support from Internews. Production assistance by internet teapot. Music by Oman Morí.

Om Podcasten

Kill Switch is a podcast series that explores the alarming rise of anti-democratic internet shutdowns and related digital rights violations across the world. The series will follow inter-related stories looking at unique facets of internet shutdowns and digital rights violations from the unique perspectives of different role-players centered in different geographic locations. Hosted by Felicia Anthonio. Produced by Access Now, the #KeepItOn coalition and Volume. With funding support from Internews.