The Royal Year In Review 2022 | Discussing The Best and Worst Royal Engagements & News From 2022 | Episode 97

Happy New Years’ Eve, Royal Community!   We are rounding up this year's best and worst engagements and Royal moments for the British Royal Family. There is lots to cover so make sure to grab and snack and get comfy.    *And make sure to subscribe as there will be a New Year’s Day bonus episode released tomorrow for New Year’s Day 2022.    🐶 Welcome to episode 97 of the ’Keeping Up With The Windsors', a British Royal Family podcast with your hosts, Rachael Andrews and Michelle Thole. Our Royal podcast is dedicated to the British Royal Family and keeping you up-to-date with all the British Royal Family news, opinions and commentary as it happens.  #keepingupwiththewindsors #theroyalfamilypodcast #royalpodcast  #royalpodcastsonspotify #royalpodcastsonapple   Join the Royal community via:  👑 Instagram: @keepingupwiththewindsorspod  📺 Youtube: Search "Keeping Up With The Windsors" ☕️ Buy Us A Coffee Here: 💌 Email: [email protected]   Spread the word:  🎧 Spotify: Following the podcast and share our episodes on your socials  🍏 Apple: SUBSCRIBE 👍🏻 It's free! And leave us a 5* review  ⭐️ Share the pod with anyone you think will love it!  🎯 Patronages, Charities, Links and Recommendations Mentioned:   The Royal Family - The Royal Family Twitter - Keeping Up With The Windsors Youtube Channel  Prince and The Press BBC Documentary Series Netflix, The Crown  Harry and Meghan Netflix Series   Disclaimers:  *No content in this podcast represents the views, opinions or operation practices of the British Royal Family or any of its affiliates or subsidiaries.    **This content is not endorsed by, approved by or representative of The British Royal Family or any of its affiliates.    ***We are Royal fans and these are our subjective opinions. Please educate yourself further to gain a full perspective on the Royal family as a whole. We are just one piece of the puzzle. All content represents only that of Rachael Andrews and Michelle Thole (and any special guests featured in specific episodes).   ****We are not affiliated with any of the charities, patronages, links and/or recommendations mentioned in this podcast series unless duly noted accordingly.    Credits:  Hosts: Rachael Andrews and Michelle Thole  Editor: Rachael Andrews and Michelle Thole  Producer: Michelle Thole 

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