Just Warm Spaces

Episode 4: Up in the clouds, closer to Allah SWT

von Just Warm Spaces | Vom 2020-09-30

In this episode, we talk about confronting our multiplicity as artists and women. How do we deal with the desire to live parallel lives? How do we remember what Islam taught us while listening to our higher selves? How do we tune out the voices that want us to stay on the ground when our true home is up in the clouds? Mentioned in the pod:  Islam and the cultural imperative Protecting Ourselves From Creative Wet Blankets The Magician by Martha Graham -- Thank you Joshua Hill from The Hill in Mind for creating the lovely tunes played throughout the episode! Thank you to Zarlasht Zia for the beautiful cover art! And thank YOU for listening! To follow along, here are our socials: Space for Us Journal Negine Jasmine Rona Akbari Email us: [email protected] Support this podcast --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/negine-jasmine/support

Om Podcasten

Just Warm Spaces is a micropod about creativity, life, and culture. The intention of the podcast is to hold space for conversations that, we believe, just aren't being talked about enough within diasporic communities. The podcast is hosted by two Afghan women, Negine Jasmine and Rona Akbari. They hope that you find magic in the layers being unfolded in this space. For questions, comments, or cute messages please email [email protected] Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/negine-jasmine/support