[InterFace] 2nd Face // Promo Set

2nd Face // "Intelligenter" Techno // 130 BPM something different from me ... enjoy

Om Podcasten

DJ / Producer & Remixer Label: [Hard Nox] Sound: Massiv & Industrial - Techno Part of: [DualCore] (b2b Project) Bookings: [email protected] Max Rother was born in 1998 in Rheinfelden near the border to Switzerland. Everything started very quickly for him. At one of his first techno parties (in 2014) he realized, that techno is much more than simply music. He was always interested in technology and music, so one day he tried to create his own music. In 2015 he started the project „SchlaflosTechno“ and decided to share his content with others. He realized how mind-blowing it is to share music with other people and communicate with them through the music while they’re dancing and enjoying the sound. In 2017, he changed his project name from SchlaflosTechno to [InterFace] which is an allusion to the connection between his music and the listeners. For him, music is something like a tool to communicate and share love and energy with like-minded people. Max Rother plays massive and industrial techno powered by the dark and dusty atmosphere. Over the last years, he developed and discovered his own signature sound, characterized by very massive and pounding kick drums and destructive hats. His big passion is playing industrial and mechanic sound. He already played for example at Kulturbunker Köln, Hans Bunte Areal Freiburg and Club Borderline Basel.