Intro to the Human Behind The Screen

Hi and welcome! Whether you're new here, or coming from TikTok or Instagram, thank you for being here! I have wanted to connect in a more meaningful way for over a decade and I haven't known quite how I was going to do it. Today is the day I take step one. Here I am, ready to get reallllllly real with yall. Follow on Instagram for weekly Q+A sessions for the next episode

Om Podcasten

The human behind the screen! I wanna chat and let loose of things I've held onto for YEARS and I want people to know they are never alone, no matter what they've been through. Building my social media has been such a fun journey for me but I truly feel there is more purpose for me out there and I hope that shows through this podcast. Whether it's just me venting to a mic, or millions of people tuning in, I am human and I want y'all to know more of me. So welcome, follow on Instagram to engage every week, and I hope its a great day for you wherever in life you may be.