Independent but Dependent PT 2

Last episode we talked about feeling uncertain on where we stand sometimes, how we feel, and where those feelings came from. Todays episode covered some questions asked on Instagram from last week and how I have dealt with those feelings overtime. No one has it right, or completely figured out, but we're working on it everyday. Follow on Instagram for weekly Q+A sessions for the next episode

Om Podcasten

The human behind the screen! I wanna chat and let loose of things I've held onto for YEARS and I want people to know they are never alone, no matter what they've been through. Building my social media has been such a fun journey for me but I truly feel there is more purpose for me out there and I hope that shows through this podcast. Whether it's just me venting to a mic, or millions of people tuning in, I am human and I want y'all to know more of me. So welcome, follow on Instagram to engage every week, and I hope its a great day for you wherever in life you may be.