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97: Calling Clinicians Intimidated By Tech AND Those Who Love It!

von I Love Neuro | Vom 2022-02-21

Today we have a conversation with fellow Sparky, Lauren Sheehan, an OT who worked for 10+ years in neuro rehab and 5 years ago made the switch to the medical device industry. Lauren became intrigued with rehab tech while working with a patient who was using it and hasn’t turned back since! Her passion is now helping bridge the gap for clinicians who want to use tech in their practice to improve outcomes and to help the tech companies get in touch with the clinical feedback needed to optimize their products. She bridges this gap by hosting a Rehab Tech Summit with speakers across expertise areas providing continuing education, access, real world solutions for clinicians (such as information on billing and coding), and more!   Check out our conversation with Lauren to learn how tech can actually be accessible to you regardless of your budget, how you can help your patients and the companies more, and how you can get continuing education credit while you learn more about it! Sign up for the Rehab Tech Summit here and use the code NEUROCOLLAB for 10% off! Find Lauren at:

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We are a couple of neurologic physical therapists on the quest to keep the passion, commitment, and possibilities alive for those who love neuro rehab and wellness like us, without burnout and overwhelm. This show is great for neuro therapists and trainers looking to stay up to date and make a greater impact. Join us in this important movement to elevate healthcare!