Semaglutide: The Truth About the Magic Weight Loss Drug Hollywood Celebs Are Injecting

Semaglutide aka Ozempic is a GLP-1 agonist that's been around for a long time, suddenly Hollywood elites are now promoting it for fat loss. Here's the science you need to know. Sponsored: Support your Workout Sessions and Healthy Hydration with this Creatine Electrolyte Combo by MYOXCIENCE Save 15% with code podcast at checkout Video and Images: Research Mentioned: Wilding, J. P. H. et al. Once-Weekly Semaglutide in Adults with Overweight or Obesity. New Engl J Med 384, 989–1002 (2021). Sharma, D., Verma, S., Vaidya, S., Kalia, K. & Tiwari, V. Recent updates on GLP-1 agonists: Current advancements & challenges. Biomed Pharmacother 108, 952–962 (2018). Show Notes: 0:20 Semiglutide is a GLP-1 agonist. 00:30 GLP-1, glucagon like peptide 1, functions under the category of gastrointestinal incretin hormones that helps you process the foods you eat. It improves insulin sensitivity. Decreases glucagon. 01:30 About 80% of the mechanisms of bariatric surgery is by amplifying the release of incretin hormones. 02:00 There was a 14% loss of body weight in study participants. 02:50 Semiglutide exerts stress on pancreatic beta cells, with an increased prevalence of pancreatitis and potentially pancreatic cancer. 04:40 GIP and GLP-1 are released after eating to increase insulin secretion from beta cells and prevent post-meal glucose excursions. 05:50 The diminished activity of GIP and GLP-1 is a feature of type-2 diabetes, beta cell insulin resistance, an obesity. 07:10 Exercise increases the release of gastrointestinal incretin hormones. 07:25 Berberine increases gut hormones and changes your microbiome. 07:40 These incretin hormones control the ecosystem of your gut microbiome and can improve function of immune cells around your gut. 08:10 Bifidobacterium can lead to a healthier GI incretin response. 09:00 GABA and L-glycine. 09:45 Protein and fat. 10:30 Polyphenols    

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