Finding Balance

How to know the difference between egoic movement and true service? Through this exchange with a student, it becomes clear that "finding the balance" is a dialog for the "me" who will never be fulfilled. Eli presents the possibility of giving up the control of the personal agenda so that everyone can wake up and stay true. Then both the individual and the collective suffering can come to an end. 

Om Podcasten

For over 20 years, American born teacher and author, Eli Jaxon-Bear has reached thousands around the world with the living transmission of his teacher, H.W.L. Poonja (Papaji). Now in this brand new podcast series, Heart to Heart, our host Lisa Schumacher will be sharing excerpts from live meetings that Eli has led over the years. Join us each month as we share these meetings in support of all beings waking up to their true nature.