Lyme disease & Autoimmunity with Daisy Ilchovska (Part 1)

In todays episode I speak with U.K based nutritional therapist Daisy Ilchovska about Lyme disease, and her book 'Lyme In The Limelight', available on Amazon here: We discuss symptoms, testing and treatment. We speak about Daisy's own health journey through Lyme disease and autoimmunity and the deep dive she has done in to the condition. Lyme disease treatment is not simply about the eradication of the bacteria, which at times may not be possible, but about remodulating the immune system and exploring all possible contributors to health status including mycotoxins, heavy metals and co-infections. Daisy introduces the 3 I's: Infection, Inflammation, Immune Dysregulation. Daisy also discusses testing, and how a clinical diagnosis is often needed, due to the limitations in the tests available.

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