Fully Equipped live at the U.S. Open with gear news from LACC

On this week's Fully Equipped, GOLF's Jonathan Wall and Ryan Barath talk RB's observations from LACC, Tiger Woods' irons sneaking into the bag of a Major Champion and what throwback driver Dustin Johnson was spotted testing this week. --This week's episode of Fully Equipped is brought to you by our official sponsor Golf Pride. Go to golfpride.com and use promo code "fullyequipped" to get free shipping on your next order! Available for all US orders, with no minimum purchase required.

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Hosted by GOLF’s Jonathan Wall and Ryan Barath alongside True Spec’s Kris McCormack and Golf Laboratories’ Gene Parente, Fully Equipped aims to share gear knowledge from two unique expert perspectives. It is your go to podcast for first hand gear news from the tour, detailed information on all equipment releases, and in depth interviews featuring PGA and LPGA players, Gearhead Celebrities, and the key influencers in the industry.