Sharing Code using NPM Libraries with Eemeli Aro

Eemeli Aro, an open-source developer and a Software Developer at Vincit, joins A-P Koponen on the Frontend Greatness podcast to talk about "Sharing Code using NPM Libraries." In this episode: - How to make an impact by developing Open Source libraries - Pro tips for sharing code within your own organization when using NPM libraries - How to get started with building NPM libraries --- Episode Notes Social - Eemeli's Twitter: - A-P's Twitter: Show Notes - Vincit: - Github Packages: - JFrog Artifactory: - npm-pack: - Conventional Commits: - standard-version: - Create your own NPM card: - Good First Issue: Eemeli's Recommendations - Read other people's code: Pick a few libraries with great documentation and see how they're built.

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