Overcoming adversity using “Sisu” with Jamon Holmgren

Jamon Holmgren, the co-founder Infinite Red and the maintainer of mobx-state-tree, joins A-P Koponen on the Frontend Greatness podcast to talk about "Overcoming adversity using “Sisu”." In this episode: - What is "Sisu"? - What kind of adversities can you face as a developer? - How can you learn to better deal with adversity? - Learning to know what motivates you. - Learning to ask for help from others. --- Episode Notes Social - Jamon's Twitter: https://twitter.com/jamonholmgren - A-P's Twitter: https://twitter.com/apkoponen Show Notes - Infinite Red: https://infinite.red/ - Jamon's tractor: https://twitter.com/jamonholmgren/status/1366201301244149762 - Lasse Virén in Münich Olympics 1972: https://www.riemurasia.net/video/10000-metrin-finaali-Munchenin-kesaolympialaisissa-1972/208200 - 16 Basic Desires: https://psychology.wikia.org/wiki/16_basic_desires_theory_of_motivation - Self-determination theory: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Self-determination_theory Jamon's Recommendations - "The Culture Code" by Daniel Coyle: http://danielcoyle.com/the-culture-code/

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