Automate All the Things with James Elderfield

James Elderfield, Ph.D., an award-winning automation specialist™ and a Software developer at Supermetrics joins A-P Koponen on the Frontend Greatness podcast to talk about how to "automate all the things" --- Video version: --- Episode Notes Social - James' Twitter: - A-P's Twitter: Show Notes - Prettier: - Black: - ESLint: - SonarQube: - Betterer: - Full Stack Radio "Typescript and Testing": - jscodeshift (JavaScript or TypeScript codemods): - XKCD "Automation": - "Game of Life": James' Recommendations Use your Google-fu to find good articles and prior-art: - “X getting started" - “X quick start” - “X best practices”

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A podcast that helps frontend developers go from good to great. Hosted by Ari Koponen.