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Practice with a Frenchman!

von French Classes From The Beginning - So French Club | Vom 2020-12-19

I was MIA for a while.. It took me some time to coordinate this practice session with my dear ex-colleague and friend for life (I hope! 😉), Antoine Malet. I thank him for agreeing to do this segment and hopefully we will try to bring you such short conversations so that you can grasp the language and at the same time pick up the French accent.

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Hello and welcome to the So French Club for Language and Culture learning. My free podcast will help you get familiar with the language and learn basic sentences, words and numbers. I offer intensive Beginners, Basic & Advanced French courses on weekends. It is for all those who would like to take it up as a hobby, professional pfogress or shifting to a francophone country. We also have online classes for school and college all boards. Offline located near Dadar West, Mumbai. WhatsApp on 9082736884 for details. I also have advanced French classes for A2, B1, & B2. WA 9082736884