Episode 37: The Sacred Pause Slow Flow

This is a 40-minute Slow Flow. If you are looking for a decadent pause from everything that draws you away from your center, this class is for you. In this class, slow and mindful asana are combined with breath for a profoundly grounding and calming experience. We wake up the spine, the sides of the body, the hips, then move into three modified Sun Salutations. A modified standing series invites you to experience familiar postures in a new way. Lastly, we finish with restorative reclined postures. Viparita kirani against the wall is offered along with hands-free nadi shodhana pranayama. We finish in shavasana that can be as long as you like. This class is medicine for the body, salve for the spirit. If you feel in need of deep nourishment, this class is for you. Enjoy!

Om Podcasten

Flow with Me Yoga is a podcast for passionate yogis looking to roll out their mats and get right to it. No long intros, disclaimers, or ads, just a guided Vinyasa yoga flow recorded specifically for listening and flowing along. The podcast offers three types of classes – Classic Flow, Gentle Flow, and Power Flow. Gentle Flow offers a slower pace and longer holds. This is not a euphemism for a watered down asana practice. Gentle flow is a legit flow class. Classic Flow offers a mid-line of intensity and pace. Get ready for chaturanga pushups along with power elements in standing postures. Power Flow kicks the levels of intensity up a notch with core work in high planks, holds at bottoms on chaturanga pushups, and standing series that build on one another. Your legs will feel it the next day. So will your arms and core. Is getting stronger not what you came here for? Come flow with me! For more information, visit www.flowwithme.yoga This podcast is intended for experienced yogis. Please listen to your body and go at your own pace. For your safety, make sure you are healthy enough to practice yoga. By listening to this podcast, you are accepting full responsibility for your practice.