Roderick Kennedy, Founder of Simul and Creator of Teleport VR

We are joined in this episode by Roderick Kennedy. Roderick is the Founder of Simul and Creator of Teleport VR, a purpose-built network protocol for XR. Listen in as we discuss how early work on the PSVR led Roderick to ask important questions around VR rendering and ways we can improve VR experiences to expand the potential of a true “Spatial Internet.” Listen Here:   Check out these links if you want to dig deeper after listening to the episode.    Follow us on Social Media:   Roderick Kennedy: LinkedIn / Twitter Tyler Gates: LinkedIn / Twitter Sophia Moshasha: LinkedIn / Twitter   VRARA DC: LinkedIn / Twitter   Subscribe to the podcast wherever podcasts are found or listen to past interviews at Do you have an interest in being a guest on our podcast or have a guest recommendation?  Email [email protected] and let us know! Visit the VR/AR Association at for more information about how you can get involved with this worldwide organization to help gain exposure and share ideas and best practices with other experts in the industry. The Everything VR/AR Podcast is produced & sponsored by the DC Chapter of VRARA, in conjunction with Brightline Interactive.  

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