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How to Stay Motivated in Life and Business (Article Read-Along)

von English with Dane | Vom 2021-10-28

Here we go with another read-along episode! I love these. Let's read an article together and learn about new things while picking up new vocabulary along the way. Today we're reading this article about motivation in life and business written by James Clear, a New York Times best-selling author. I think this article is inspiring and hopefully, it will help you by giving you some good tips on how to approach (como enfocar) your journey to becoming the most fluent English speaker you can be. You can also apply this to all areas of your life, not just English learning. So, open the article, hit play on this episode, and don't forget to make note of the new vocabulary words/expressions and add them to your ever-growing list. Hit it!FULL TRANSCRIPTSOutro song: "You" by Tumaca

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¿Hablas español y quieres mejorar tu inglés? Then English with Dane is perfect for you. De verdad, si te sientes estancado/a con el inglés... o si simplemente quieres "mantener forma"... try this podcast. Hablo a un ritmo tranquilo y voy traduciendo cosas para que no te estreses con entender todo. I talk about things like movies, news, sports, music, history, etc, and I always pay special attention to practical vocabulary, expressions and the infinite nuances (sutilezas) that we'll find along the way. Prueba y me cuentas. ¡Ah! Y lo mejor es que además hay transcripciones completas de cada capítulo para que no te pierdas anything! (Ahí tiene que ir "anything" porque no puede haber un "double negative" en inglés!) ✌️