Use EFT for Food Freedom and Body Confidence With Joan Ridsdel, RSW

In this episode you’ll meet Joan Ridsdel, a Registered Social Worker and Life Coach, helping women find food freedom and body confidence so they can put diets and emotional eating behind them. Timestamps BelowJoan shares how she overcame her own struggles with weight, binging, and emotional eating using simple methods to include Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), and NLP and how you can do the same. Joan is the founder and creator of W.I.S.E.R Woman Coaching & Personal Development. She couples therapeutic coaching, energy healing / EFT / NLP, Choice Theory, Meditation, Mindfulness, Self-compassion, and other modalities, with years of experience coaching and counseling women.You’ll discover how you can receive a free resource guide to help you move beyond the rollercoaster diets and feel good about yourself.Joan can be reached through her website at - Intro music;00:09- Episode topic;00:42 - Host and show info;01:28 - Find previous episodes, subscribe / follow, contact host;02:16 - Info about guest Joan Ridsdel;04:32 - Interview with Joan Ridsdel;05:43 - Joan's story, how she discovered EFT, and why she is passionate about helping others;12:49 - How Joan uses EFT;14:12 - Why Joan doesn't focus on diets;18:18 - How Joan works with clients;22:56 - What Joan shares in her guide and how to get your free copy;24:25 - Joan's website;24:48 - Role of trauma in emotional eating;27:21 - Why it's important to receive Joan's guide;28:22 - How to contact Joan;29:05 - Joan's final thoughts - this isn't easy work, but it's worth doing;—Watch the YouTube version of our conversation:To watch the YouTube version of our conversation, go to: Stephen Carter, EFT trainer and Master Practitioner, Thought Field Therapy (TFT) Diagnostic Level Practitioner, Meditation trainer, and NLP Master Practitioner.Steve’s website:; Email: [email protected].—Technical information:Originally interview recorded with Zoom.Intro recording and initial edits of Zoom audio file done with Twister Wave. Additional edits done with Audacity. Leveled with Levelator. Final edits and rendering done with Hindenburg Pro.Microphones: Intro recorded with Zoom ZDM-1. EV 320 microphone used during Zoom video recording.—Keywords:EFT, Emotional Freedom Techniques, tapping, NLP, diet, emotional eating, binge eating, binging, weight loss, healthy weight, self approval, self-esteem,

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