Leon DeSimone. How to Overcome ANYTHING. Episode 533 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL)

In this episode, Brad and Leon chat about his history and experience as a Las Vegas, Nevada police officer for over 20 years and his transition into the mortgage industry after retirement as well as what difficulties he faced in both fields post pandemic.   00:00 Intro 0:15 Introduces Leon, retired Vegas police officer, now mortgage broker/investor 0:30 Importance of real estate 1:00 Leon’s career history in Nevada 1:50 Brad and Leon discuss the unique integrity required to be a successful police officer 3:15 The Good Cop, Bad Cop bit 4:00 Who polices the police? 5:10 The Oath 6:45 Leon explains how the implementation of the bodycam changed the dynamic of the police force and society 7:45 The variation of police 8:20 Policing the pandemic 9:29 Mask or no mask: That is the question 10:00 Bomb dropped: How the pamdemic mandates negatively affected our society 10:20 Climbing DeSimone’s career ladder 11:30 Brad introduces the controversy of prostitution, the loop holes and why the legality of it intrigues him 14:40 How to play “The Game” 16:46 Dangers OF the game 17:11 Policing: Just making a difference for somebody 19:08 Red Flags: How to protect your loved ones 21:36 Vegas: The Underground City 23:55 Incentives for the job switch 25:30 Risk & Reward 27:30 Benefits of policework 28:37 Bomb Dropped: You only get good & stay good at something if you continue to practice 33:11 Brad brings up the topic of drunk driving and why it’s so important to follow the laws 34:11 How does policework and real estate connect 37:00 Officer Lea 40:51 Don’t be an A#%hole 42:39 Interest rates: If not now, when? 44:40 The guidelines of acquiring a loan 47:18 DeSimone gives tips to aid in securing a jumbo loan 48:35 Recession: What does it mean & who is it affecting 50:24 How to sell 51:53 What to be a leader & how to keep people following 53:18 People are tired of being sold, they want to be helped 54:24 The key. Listening. 58:00 Body language is loud 1:00:05 The Golden Rule: Keep your mouth shut. 1:03:20 Brads soft spot for protecting today’s youth 1:06:45 Getting personal with Leon and his time spent on the force 1:07:32 Leon reassures market quality & entices buyers to rethink their financial opportunity in the loan field  

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