Justin Tidd. BRONZE & BRAINS. Episode 534 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL)

In this episode, Brad talks to Justin about his journey into the world of fitness, how Justin changed his life personally, and how fitness directly affects all aspects of life.   00:00 Intro 00:08 Introducing guest, Justin Tidd, who excels in the sales industry specializing in global technology and also whose passion for fitness inspired him to start a business in fitness. 01:20 Brad explains how he met Tidd and how he has influenced his fitness lifestyle. 02:26 The reason people so easily fail at their fitness journey but also the reason they can succeed. 03:00 Getting in shape: the aftermath 04:35 Tidd highlights how even though Brad’s life and career keep him extremely busy, he made time to change his health for the better. 05:40 Moe & his fitness journey with Justin Tidd. 06:17 Find your muscle type: Body scans 07:20 Not gonna get rich quick, not gonna get thin quick: Do your cardio 10:49 Creating habits & how they become easy: Change your relationship with “hard” 11:47 Brad asks Justin what his personal connection to the fitness plan “75 Hard” is and why he promotes it to the public. 13:18 Mind over matter: Your mindset matters 13:58 Women, Men, anyone can do it: all you need is direction 15:13 Why using an expert like Tidd makes it easy to follow your fitness dreams. 15:58 Turn the 12 week program into a lifestyle: the everyday benefits 16:40 Justin Tidds personal background & how he got into fitness 19:04 Be the change you want to see: How important it is to set examples for your children for a healthy lifestyle. 19:50 How your fitness can form a different first impression 22:06 It’s about control: Brad explains his deeper meaning for getting into shape and how it symbolizes his success in business. 23:20 Difference between a personal trainer, and a coach. 24:45 Calories in, calories out: What does it mean? 27:45 Why Justin’s clients lie. 28:31 The science of it all. 29:51 The dynamics of Tidd’s personal workouts. 30:20 Justin’s West Virginia life. 31:55 How Justin Tidd got involved with Arete & how it’s benefited him  32:54 How fitness applies to everyday life & your mental 34:20 If you want it, Justin will make it happen for you 37:19 Working backwards: Brad defined his end lifestyle goal first, then fit his fitness schedule around that goal. 38:30 How to bulk up 39:30 Brad seeing changes in his body 41:17 What everyone wants to know: How to build an ass 42:07 What part of your body should you focus on to notice your results? 43:00 How long will it take? 43:35 As Brad signs off, Justin explains his platforms and the services he offers.  

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