The Biology Of Physician Mental Health. Dr Srijan Sen of the 'Intern Health Study'

Dr Srijan Sen is an Associate Professor at The Department of Psychiatry at the University of Michigan. Additionally, he is the Principal Investigator of the Intern Health Study which has tracked the biological and psychological features of thousands of early stage physicians over almost 10 years.  There are very few experts in the field of physician mental health but Dr Sen is certainly one of them. This is a fascinating conversation which touches on why physicians are at such risk of mental illness during the early stages of training, what the predictors are of those who suffer most, and what are the potential long term implications for those who encounter mental illness during their training.  If you enjoyed this episode please €˜Subscribe€˜ on iTunes or Stitcher. Enjoy! Selected Show Notes: Dr Srijan Sen Intern Health Study Selected Publications Mind gym - Web Based CBT 'Tribe' by Sebastion Junger Twitter: @Srijan_Sen_Lab

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