9: MICK McCARTHY – 40 Years of stories, from his early days as an apprentice at Barnsley, to captaining the Republic of Ireland in the quarter finals of the 1990 World Cup in Italy!

Mick McCarthy is a no nonsense sort of bloke. He was as a player and he certainly is as a manager, because as he states in his own words, ‘that’s just me’. From humble beginnings as a young lad at Barnsley, he’s played with the best and been fortunate enough to manage the very best as well. He’s had a few ‘barnies’ along the way, which he’s more than happy to chat about and feels very lucky to have enjoyed the career that he has done. Still working at the age of 61, Mick takes a bit of time out to have a right good catch up with his old mate Dion, as they reminisce about the odd drunken night out as well!

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Dion Dublin enjoyed a 22 year career as a player and played for some of the finest and most charismatic football managers in the modern game. In this series, Dion tracks down his old gaffers to find out how they handled those pressure cooker environments, how they got the best out of their players and what it is within their DNA, that ultimately makes them tick and able to handle some of the most stressful jobs in sport. WARNING: CONTENT CONTAINS EXPLICIT AND GRATUITOUS LAUGHS, AND ELABORATE TRUE STORIES STRAIGHT FROM THE HORSE’S MOUTH!