7: SEAN DYCHE – Trying to recapture Burnley’s top flight form, and make Turf Moor his ‘happy place, happy place’ once more!

He’s the longest serving manager in the premier league at present, and known for combining science with a firm but fair approach. Sean Dyche is playing at the top of his game at Burnley, and while a series of factors have conspired against him this season, and see his side in the bottom six rather than the top six at present, you know that if anyone will turn their form around it’ll be the gravel voiced Mr Dyche! Sean was Dion’s captain during their playing days at Millwall, and the two giants of the game have the utmost respect for each other as they compare the ‘win or lose… have a booze days’ of old, with the science and psychology that underpins the modern manager today. This is a fascinating insight into the inner workings of the premier league in 2020, and Sean is happy to let his old mate in on a few trade secrets!

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Dion Dublin enjoyed a 22 year career as a player and played for some of the finest and most charismatic football managers in the modern game. In this series, Dion tracks down his old gaffers to find out how they handled those pressure cooker environments, how they got the best out of their players and what it is within their DNA, that ultimately makes them tick and able to handle some of the most stressful jobs in sport. WARNING: CONTENT CONTAINS EXPLICIT AND GRATUITOUS LAUGHS, AND ELABORATE TRUE STORIES STRAIGHT FROM THE HORSE’S MOUTH!