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Schedule your ads to optimize your ad spend

von Digital Marketing in Plain English | Vom 2021-12-19

There’s nothing more frustrating than paying for leads that have gone cold. So why do we run ads that drive leads at 3 AM when there’s no one there to call them back?


Hi, this is kabir and welcome to my short, crisp, byte size actionable growth hacks to help you do better digital marketing. 

In some businesses, when a lead is generated, your customer may wait for that call from you . When a lead is hot, it’s hot, and after a few hours have passed, a burning need becomes a passive query at best. There is no point in running an ad to generate leads and not be able to call back soon after. 

So, to maximize return on ad spend, it is wise to use ad scheduling religiously. Almost all digital ad platforms like Facebook, Google search , YouTube ,etc  let you schedule to run ads at specific time of the day and specific days of the week. When your office is off and no one is there retrun calls to leads , you can switch off the ads. 

So, go head and figure how you are going to schedule the ads on your platform and optimize your ad spend, and I will see you soon next time. 

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