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Don't underplay your website !

von Digital Marketing in Plain English | Vom 2021-12-02

A Website is not just a your place on the internet where users can read more information about you. When setup properly, it can give you valuable insights into user behavior on your so you can tweak your marketing decisions and  sell more. 

So, back to the website business.  When properly setup, your website can tell you the following

-What products your visitors are interested in, even if they did not buy them

-How do people find you ? What are they looking for on the internet to get to you

-What is the buyer profile of the user, what might be their other interests, for example, are they interested in technology, like to watch movies,  Like travelling, etc

-What kind of technology devices they own, for example, what models of phones do they use to visit your website

-How often do they come back and how long do they stay

-How did they come to know of your website, through Google, or Linkedin, Facebook/Instagram , etc

-Most importantly, people who bought something or signed up for your newsletter, what cities they came from, which social media channel got them here and is there a co-relation between, say the more expensive the phone they used to visit the website, the more they purchased ? 

Many of these questions and many more can be answered when the website is setup properly. 

Besides, just the information, you can also use the setup information to create laser targeted ads. For example, people who may have put something in their shopping cart, but did not buy, can be shown a time limited ad with some discount coupon, Loyal customers who bought stuff of more than $500 per month, can be automatically sent discount coupons for the next purchase, People spending more than one minute on specific product pages can be retargeted though display ads when they leave your website and browse information on other website, this kind of gives the feeling of the specific ad following you and hence prevents out of sight , out of mind syndrome.

The possibilities are endless. But in order to achieve this, the website when launched needs to be setup properly. Here is a checklist of items to take are of 

Step 1: Check Google Analytics setup

Step 2: Check Google Analytics traffic trends

Step 3: Check mobile compatibility

Step 4: Assess on-page SEO

Step 5: Check for indexing issues

Step 6: Run page speed tests

Step 7: Perform a content review

Step 8: Assess user experience

Step 9: Do a competitor analysis

Step 10: Identify any broken links

Step 11: Check keyword rankings

Step 12: Check for social pixels and tags

Step 13: Audit all 3rd party technologies

Step 14: Audit URLs and site structure

Shortcut: Use an SEO Audit Tool

Download the website audit template

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