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What to do when life is too much

von Design The Simple Life | Vom 2021-08-26

We all have time periods when life is very hectic or times when we feel everything is a big chaos. It feels like there is nothing to do about it when we are in the middle of the chaos. I feel you, I have been there and I have some great tips for you today.  If you haven’t seen my new website and my new upcoming membership The Simplicity membership and my photography art prints I definitely suggest you to check that out. The photography art prints are available in 4 different sizes and are printed on a beautiful high quality aquarelle paper.    The membership is for you who would really dive into a simplified life without any clutter in your home and includes the 3 pillars simplicity (or declutter coaching most exact), feng shui and holistic mindset. So, we’re going to have decluttering challanges, masterclasses about simplicity, feng shui and holistic mindset and also monthly q & a:s. So, this is really great, because you get both coaching and new skills in this membership.  The Simplicity lifestyle membership is now open for enrollment if you would like to sign up as a founding member for a very affordable price of 15 € per month. BUT, only for a short amount of time this price is just august out. After that the price will goes up, so if you think this is something you would like to bring into your life go and sign up today. Sign up as a founding member HERE! My website: I hope I can inspire you a little bit in this episode if your life is very hectic for now. all my love, Ylva ❤️

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