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48. Episode 48 I What to do when your things breaks

von Design The Simple Life | Vom 2021-10-07

Have you ever thought about your reaction when some of your things breaks? I have and I have also realized that my reactions and feelings have changed over time. Yesterday, two of my cups in the kitchen fell to the floor and I was fully aware of how my mindset has shifted. In the last episode I told you about The Simplicity lifestyle membership . - The membership and community for all women who want to add simplicity into their lives and make a change. Maybe you have already started to simplify your home and life, but need some kind coaching or if you are a totally beginner my membership is for you. We´re going to declutter together in the monthly workshops and you´ll be well coached in the monthly masterclasses about simplicity, feng shui and holistic mindset. It going to be amazing! Everything takes much more time than we think and for now there are some small changes I have to do for the preparation for the membership, but you are most welcome to sign up for the waiting list here at my website: simplicity lifestyle  Then I will send you a notification when it starts up. I’m looking forward to see your name on the members list. ❤️ In this episode I´m talking about the mindset about when your stuff breaks. Maybe you can remember when you were a child and you accidentally broke something by mistake and someone become angry or showed their emotions in a way. Or maybe you felt very sad when some of your things you liked get broke. I think this is very common and especially between child and adults. It’s so easy to show the emotions too much for our children when they by mistake break something. And the result of that is a crying child in a locked room or a corner. That scenario isn’t healthy, so if you’re there I think it’s time to start think a little bit different.  All children break something by mistake now and then and that’s a part of our life. So, don’t get upset when your children break something. Take it easy and you’ll have better relation to your children. Sign up to my FREE 3-days wardrobe declutter course and start your simplifying journey today! See you soon! /Ylva ❤️      

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