Dear Textiles, Episode #4: Interview with Austin Rivers, founder of Knit the Rainbow!

Episode 4 is here! I’m speaking with Austin Rivers, the founder of Knit the Rainbow, a non-profit which collects handknit and crochet items for homeless LGBTQ+ youth in New York City.  We talk about starting a non-profit during a pandemic, why LGBTQ+ youth of New York City need your handmade items, the growing problem of houseless LGBTQ+, where Knit the Rainbow hopes to go in the future, how you can help their growing mission and why handmade goods can feel like a hug when someone made them. To learn about future episodes, which will come out every other week, you can sign up for my newsletter at --- Send in a voice message:

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Dear Textiles is, at heart, a love letter to textiles. These interviews explore how fiber-based craft practices can help us heal, connect + grow. To find out more, check out Dear Textiles logo by Clarisse Hassan.