Chinese Podcast EP68: He Learned to Speak Chinese by Translating Chinese Novels. 他翻译中国小说学会说流利中文

How to actively get to know a stranger in Chinese? In today's episode, we will demonstrate how to ask open-ended and in-depth questions about the guest's life experiences and personal stories in Chinese. As we listen to the guest's responses, we will learn how to reply in a genuine and natural manner, furthering the conversation and exploring more details. In this episode, the three hosts will practice firsthand by posing various questions to deeply understand a male guest from Thailand. We hope that while listening to his story, you all can also learn how to articulate in Chinese, engage in natural and smooth conversations, and facilitate deeper communication! 如何用中文来主动了解一个陌生人?我们将通过用中文采访嘉宾的形式,来给大家展示如何以开放式和深入的问题询问嘉宾的成长经历和人生故事。当我们聆听到嘉宾的回答时,我们将学习如何以地道、自然的中文方式回应,进一步展开对话,探讨更多细节。在今天的节目中,三位大叔将亲身实践,通过提出各种问题,深入了解一位来自泰国的男性嘉宾。希望在聆听他的故事的同时,大家也能学到如何用中文组织语言,进行自然而流畅的中文对话,促使交流更进一步!

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Hello, everyone, it's Dashu Mandarin here. We're three Chinese teachers that focus on providing authentic and valuable Chinese learning materials for the Chinese learners of intermediate level and above. In this Podcast, we will talk about all kinds of things concerning China and Chinese culture, society, etc. You can also watch the video version on YouTube: Welcome to join us.