Chinese Podcast EP61: What do the Chinese Girls Value the Most in a Relationship? 中国姑娘最看重伴侣什么品质?

Today, we are thrilled to welcome our guest Feifei from China. Feifei carries a multitude of labels with her life's journey. She was once the former assistant of the renowned Chinese celebrity Liu Yifei, who portrayed Mulan in Disney's live-action film. Feifei herself has also taken on roles as a film director, art school teacher, real estate manager, rural education volunteer teacher, amusement park manager, and much more. Just last month, she embraced a new role – that of a mother. Presently, her life encompasses a loving husband, a precious son, and a home filled with happiness. However, before reaching this point, she experienced the pain of a tumultuous relationship and a brief, less than ten-day-long marriage. What emotional journey has Feifei undergone? As a Chinese woman, what standards does she hold when seeking a life partner? How do Chinese individuals navigate the intricacies of marriage? These questions and more will be explored in today's podcast. Join us as we delve into Feifei's captivating life story and insights! 今天,我们非常激动地邀请到了中国嘉宾飞飞。飞飞的人生经历涵盖了多重角色和身份,其中包括曾是中国著名明星刘亦菲的前助理(刘亦菲扮演了迪士尼真人电影《花木兰》中的主角),电影导演,艺校教师,房地产经理,山区支教志愿者,游乐园经理等等。就在上个月,她迎来了一个全新的身份——成为一位母亲。如今,她的生活充满了温馨,拥有一个贴心的丈夫,一个可爱的儿子,构筑了一个幸福美满的家庭。然而,在迈向这一阶段之前,她也曾历经痛苦的情感历程,包括一段不足十天的失败婚姻。 飞飞的情感历程究竟是怎样的?作为一个中国女性,在寻找婚姻伴侣时,她持有怎样的标准?中国人又是如何经营婚姻的呢?这些问题将在今天的播客中一一探讨。让我们一同深入了解飞飞的精彩生活故事和心得分享!

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