Episode 1 - My top 10 restaurants, my biggest renouncement, my US experience...

In this episode I wanted you to ‘Ask Me Anything’. I received more than a hundred questions, picked some and turned it into an interview. This episode is also a chance to let you know that now you can find all the interviews, articles or keynotes I made in the following website: www.daedalium.com

Om Podcasten

The Daedalium Podcast is a platform for me to connect better with you over social media. Nowadays, with The Family, my life is all about traveling, meeting with new founders, helping entrepreneurs with strategic struggles, reading books, debating hot topics with my team and (you know already) doing a lot of talks. The idea is to give you a taste of what I do every day. So I bought two portable microphones to record conversations and thoughts I have at any moment. I’ll do three formats: - Ask Me Anything - Deep Dives - Office Hour