Monday Morning Mantra #2

Today's Mantra Is "I ask for what you want as a StepMOM and I am prepared to get it"   Join me for this year's Stepmom Appreciation. It is 7 days of celebrating you as a stepmom during this Mother's Day season when it can in many ways be tough on us.    Use the link below to sign up.   

Om Podcasten

Why are stepmoms given such a bad wrap? When the only thing we are guilty of is finding love in what seems like the wrong place with all the chaos that comes with co-parenting, and the struggles of being a second wife (or as we are constantly reminded, not number one). We will chat “Crushing the Chaos” with your host and stepmom coach, ChaVonne Sampson. She is a part of three generations of Blended Family Bliss, a stepkid, bio-mom of one and bonus mom of four stepkids (each who has a different bio-mom). The show is a mix of solo shows and interviews that are real conversations. None of that ”take the high road” mess. If you are in need of stepmom help and just want to love your stepfamily drama free with power and confidence, then let’s get this stepmom solutions party started. Just hit play!